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SAP Leonardo

With SAP Leonardo, you can automate the shop floor in a bimodal approach — so you can get more from your current systems and still tap into IoT 4.0, Machine Learning, and Big Data. Discover what data to capture and how to leverage it towards a completely digitalized, paperless shop floor.

Contact us and learn:
  • How Leonardo can integrate your Operation and Information Technologies (OT/IT)
  • What data you are capturing and your options with Leonardo
  • How standardized processes and data models leverage Leonardo
  • How to build upon the MES, MII systems if you have them already in place
  • How to improve Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • How with Leonardo’s cloud and edge processing you can enhance real-time transaction processing

About Us

We pride ourselves on long-term, strong business relationships with our clients, whether we are outsourcing their process or just augmenting their IT staff.

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