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DigitalAlly helps build an Intelligent Enterprise with its focused offerings to digitalize shopfloor and procurement. 

This primarly consists of the myProcural and eShopFloor suite of applications. Features of these are described below.


myProcural is an enterprise supply chain application built for purchasing materials. This is intended for buyers looking to use following capabilities: 

  • Look up against the repository of Materials and their specifications 
  • Search vendors 
  • Request quotes from multiple Vendors with single click 
  • Better communicate with Vendors 
  • Review and Compare quotes 
  • Complete the Purchase 

myProcural will result in savings by eliminating paperwork, streamlining communication between team members, and eliminating lengthy approval waiting periods 


This suite of applications is developed for Shopfloor. It increases the productivity, performance, utilization of resources and in addition, improves the visibility of Shopfloor operations with SAP Cloud Platform. 

  • Features of this suite inlcludes: 
  • Dispatching 
  • Time Entry 
  • Pre-Scheduling production orders based on work centers 
  • Ring on and Production Reporting 
  • Supervisor Administration 
  • Administration 
  • Timesheet generation and maintenance 
  • Production Reporting 
  • StatusTrack for Custom

To learn more, contact us for a demo.

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We pride ourselves on long-term, strong business relationships with our clients, whether we are outsourcing their process or just augmenting their IT staff.

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