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What's new in SAP Commerce 2005

SAP Commerce 2005 has been released an year after the release of 1905. Usually, SAP ships their Commerce packages every quarter and this is the first deviation in their release cycles in the past few years. This release is heavily focused on enabling Headless Commerce scenarios to improve customer experience by engaging them on various digital touch-points. In addition, SAP tried to empower the business users by enhancing the Backoffice and SmartEdit tools.

Here are some of the highlights of this new release:

  • Headless Commerce

    • Features
      • Heavy focus on Headless commerce architecture or API-first approach
      • Launches B2B OCC APIS that allows managing Commerce Organization, Scheduled replenishment, Reorder and Inventory Display
      • Plans to offers complete set of B2B APIs in the next one year
      • Enables Cancellation and Returns using B2C OCC APIs
    • Benefits
      • Reach customers through various digital touch-points such as decoupled Storefronts for desktop and mobile, Apps, wearables, smart devices, and social media
      • Eases adoption of the new-age SAP Commerce accelerator - Spartacus.
  • Smart Edit
    • Features
      • Reintroduces the erstwhile defunct WCMSCockpit 
      • Media Containers to manage image variations to fit various screens - Desktop, Widescreen, Tablet and Mobile
      • Supports Single SignOn
    • Benefits
      • With the WCMS Cockpit, legacy customers on older version of SAP Commerce can still work with their favorite Content Management even after Cloud Migration
      • Seamless Single SignOn to SmarEdit to reduce administrative overhead
  • Personalization : SAP Context driven services boosts conversion by improving personalization and optimizing customer experience
    • Features
      • A/B Testing for merchandising through APIs. Allows to setup and configure A/B Tests from a simple GUI
      • Merchandising Reports provides a detailed reporting for informed actions to see which test site works
      • Enables integration with Spartacus storefronts
      • Finally, adopts better integration with Marketing Cloud to leverage the existing customer segments for further personalization and customer engagement
    • Benefits
      • Optimize conversions, AOV and Customer engagement by embracing an experimentation mindset with A/B testing
      • Translate insights into concrete actions to optimize your merchandising strategies
      • Personalize and optimize Spartacus-driven sites and create an engaging customer experience
      • Iteratively visualize customer coverage to inform and improve segment design and build segments that will deliver personalization objectives
    • Note: SAP Commerce Context Driven service is a SaaS offering is not available out of the box within SAP Commerce
  • Backoffice Workflow Designer
    • Features
      • Create and manage workflow templates visually
      • Allows to preview the workflow in a form of a graph.
      • Allows the user to see the steps and actions defined in a workflow and see who is assigned
    • Benefits
      • Ease-of-use
      • Improved business user productivity
  • Backoffice Product Cockpit : Empowers the business teams to manage Product Bundling
    • Features
      • Launched New bundling perspective to enable business teams to create bundles that can accommodate customer choices.
      • Allows bundling of package products that are usually sold separately to create a holistic offering for shoppers
      • Define the product selection criteria and dependency rules and assign products to components and set rules regarding pricing and disabling of products
      • Manage rules to discount products in a bundle, disallowing certain product combinations and facilitating dependencies in a complex product configurations
    • Benefits
      • Increase AOV and margin by bundling products, content and services
      • Improve conversion rates with a targeted personalized and content-rich shopping experience
      • Cross-sell physical and digital goods on one platform and increase revenue
  • SAP Integration : Provides better integration capabilities with SAP ERP, S/4HANA , SAP Marketing Cloud
    • Features
      • Unified and improved order processing in S/4HANA or ERP
      • Replication of service products and service orders to S/4HANA Service
      • Coupon promotion, personalization, segmentation and reviews replication to Marketing Cloud
      • Improved CPQ Integration with the ability to generate quotes and make them available in Commerce
    • Benefits
      • Personal and seamless experience for customers, spanning multiple areas of the customer journey covering the whole lead to cash
      • Simplify and improve order processes through a central cloud-based order services
      • Leverage Commerce journey data and create holistic customer profiles to create a more complete and consistent picture of all customer interactions for your marketing activities
      • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by integration with S/4HANA Service and Field Management service
      • Set up and manage complex bundles and configurations from easy-to-use, flexible business tool

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